EquiSketch Records App Reviews

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Great program!

I replaced my daily journal and pen as soon as I got EquiSketch. Reminders are great and I have an easy to see history of last appointments and when theyre due next.


This is one of the higher priced apps I have purchased. I think the app is great. But it has frozen on an administration screen that I cant get out of. Im afraid if I delete the app, I will erase all of the records. Is there any way to get out of this problem? Perhaps an update? Can I back up the records?

Doesnt compare to other apps like Rendaivu

Unhappy with lack of features.

5 star app

Very nice app. Very useful to horse owners and stable keepers

Best Ever!!!!!

This is a wonderful app! Theres no better way to keep track of all of my horse records. Its amazing just how much information it holds and how well it is organized. Its really nice to have all of the info, on all of my horses, on me all at all times. I highly recommend it to every horse owner out there!

Best app for record keeping.

I travel every week and this app lets me easily keep track of my two horses, appointments, and events.


It has taken sometime but this app is amazing. I have several horses and no matter how hard I try to keep them all on the same schedule its not always possible. Being a busy working horse owner it is hard to keep track of the horses sometimes. This app allows me to go about my day not having to constantly worry if I forgot to meet someone at the barn. Our horses are very important to us and this app helps to organize all critical information. Cant wait to see what else you bring to the equine app world. Thank you!!!!

Very useful

Great way to keep all of my records at my fingertips! Love the app!!

Good app!

I really love all the possible options with the app! The only thing it seems to be missing still is a coggins slot. The only place Ive been able to put it is under medical notes. Other than that I think its great!!!


Really liked this program but it has a few technical glitches. Images not automatically setting right, farrier frequencies saving, etc.

Nice app

Its a very nice app but you all could Really make things a Lot easier. It gets kind of complicated. Like you have to go into utilities to make a reminder instead of just doing it in your horses section and just going into the correct section from there. The selecting a horse sometimes doesnt work. The add information parts like "Add Farrier Work" never works, none of the "Add" buttons do. And the preventative medication and preventative administration gets Very confusing. There isnt any place for worming either. That would be in the preventative medication but its too complicated to input it. A coggins slot would be really nice! I Love the breeding and lineage section. I love the overall app but just simple things you could change to make it less complicated and more convenient.

Great idea, but needs work

I love having an app to organize all my horse info and upcoming needs...however I would agree with the other reviews that this app is very confusing to use. Not really user friendly. For example, I wish I could see not just my latest farrier entry, but the previous entries as well. I also feel like I have to enter the information in numerous spots for the app to be effective. I would love some updates! Thanks!

Confusing and messy

I purchased hoping to keep track of info for my three horses. Initially I did enter some info, but it was so tedious trying to navigate the program that I quickly gave up. I think Ive owned the app for about 9 months and I try to use it again at each point release. They just keep piling stuff in to the same lousy interface. Just this latest version can you change from the annoying fence background to one of two other choices: a less annoying grass or plain black. Still no option to use a picture of my own. The whole thing is just a mess with no way to simply long at the history of your horse(s) history as a simple timeline like a diary. Each type of record is its own list you have to look as separately I doubt itll ever be what I was looking for, so Im writing this review and deleting it from my iPad.

I love it!

I dont know why some reviews have felt that this is not user friendly. It may not be perfect for them, but I think it is user friendly. I like being able to go to utilities and select several horses to add info. Example: everybody had annual shots, teeth float, etc. I like being able to insert breeding information, this mare was bred this day at this time to this stud, etc. There is a Coggins slot. Maybe it was missing initially but definitely there now! I like being to backup the info, email it to myself or vet. Just a really good app. I love it and will definitely continue to use and recommend.

A good start, but could use more

I was hoping this could take the place of my old Pony Club record book, but there are still a few things that could be changed. Id like to have more control over the nutrition and medications section, being able to show a completely customized feed and deworming schedule as well as keeping information on supplements. Id also like a function that would allow you to keep a list of contacts. Otherwise, its great that I have this info at my fingertips instead of needing to rummage through the barn office. This is the best horse management app so far, though.

Could be better, way better

This app is a good start, but it definitely needs some additional options and categories. If youre thinking of buying, I would wait until it gets better or a better app is available. Most annoying is the fact that you cannot sync ipad and iphone. Lets say you forgot to bring the ipad to the barn and have an emergency or Vet appointment. You enter info, Medical instructions, training info or whatever and then have to manually re-enter the SAME info into the app on a different device so that all files match. UGH! There are a few bugs. When you add a picture it will delete all of the horse info for that file. That got a little annoying since I had 8 animals to enter. It would be nice to be able to customize colors, background and categories needed. It is a little hard to read the white lettering. Maybe multiple pics for a medical entry. We have cameras on everything now, so I find that I am documenting injuries and progress with pics. Training should be its own page with a button at the bottom. On the medical records section the entry is not consistent. If you want to put in older history for medications, some of the fields allow the year with the scroll function. Other medical input areas only allow a monthly scroll so you have to go back scrolling month by month of each year. That takes FOREVER put in data. I am hoping app this will continue to improve. Not being able to sync ....are you kidding? Not worth the price. I am going back to paper records. Will check back for much needed improvements

LOVE IT!!!!!

I love this app I have had no problems with it. It really helps me with my book for 4-h. I like to keep records on everything and this helps LOADS! I used to have to carry a 20 pound book of papers around for each horse I have, now I just take my iPad with me which I already did anyway! LOVE IT !!!!!!

Good idea, needs upgrades

I love the idea of this app but it has some bugs. It wont let me add any more horses besides the first one and when you have 30 it makes this app useless.


This app is great for any horse owner. It is even better if you have a schedule of lessons or run a barn. Gives everything about the horses basic identification and needs, lineage, to the rider, to reminding you about farrier visits, etc. I would suggest this app to people working with multiple horses and/or horse people!!

Bought it regardless of reviews but agree w them. Not a useful app.

Really wanted to like this app. I only have one horse to keep track of but find that I dont record things consistently and thought this would be the perfect place. I am also a runner and have an app for logging my runs. That is what inspired me to purchase this app. Although the ruining log was free. But like others say its totally confusing and unintuitive. Would be great to have a calendar in app that would allow you to input dates; worming, shots, starts of a supplement, training. Each could have a color code so when looking at calendar as a month you could see what you were looking for. In preventative medicine there is a thing that says add administration and Ive looked everywhere for where or how to do that and have not been successful. I would not recommend. Although its possible others may have greater success and understanding of how to utilize what should be a fantastic app.

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